A Primary Care Doctor’s Office Shares Important Disease Prevention Tips

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Diseases appear left and right within the body, sometimes it’s due to genetics and other times it’s due to poor overall health. Thankfully, most people have primary care doctors that they visit on a regular basis who can help them with prevention care.

However, some people aren’t able to regularly see their primary care doctor as often as they need to. So, with the help of this article, a person should be able to pick up a few tips on disease prevention. Read more below as we outline a few important tips for preventing diseases that a primary care doctor’s office shares! 

Disease prevention tips

Wash your hands

One of the best ways to prevent diseases is by simply washing your hands after eating, cooking or using the bathroom. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hands a few times a day just to ensure that germs aren’t being collected. Because the hands touch any and everything, they are likely to collect bacteria that could cause an infection, which may lead to a disease forming.

Be conscious about food preparation

When a person is cooking regularly or handling foods that are raw, it is best to ensure that the meats, produce, etc. gets washed thoroughly and regularly. All of these foods can contain bacteria that could really harm the body. When using utensils that may touch raw items, it is also best to ensure that they get washed as best as possible afterward.

Avoid sharing personal items

A lot of primary care doctor’s offices tell people to avoid sharing personal items with anyone. Sharing personal items such as drinking glasses, eating ware, toothbrushes or other personal hygiene items could introduce other people’s bacteria or germs. When another person shares germs, they are likely going to get sick which could lead to disease.


As controversial as vaccinations are, primary care doctor’s offices recommend that people do get vaccinated. Vaccinations allow protection of the body against harmful things like infections or diseases. Ultimately, the pros of getting vaccinations outweigh the pros of not having them.

Eat a balanced diet

A lot of people don’t realize that the nutrients in fruits and vegetables help strengthen and protect the body. If a person eats a good, healthy and balanced diet, they are likely going to have a stronger immune system which can then fight off diseases.

Primary care doctor’s offices recommend that a person eats a diet low in bad fats and high in vegetables, fruits and proteins.

Talk to a primary care doctor’s office

While it can be difficult to see a primary care doctor regularly, it is ultimately important to do. There are a ton of ways to prevent diseases and while this article does outline a few, there are plenty more that a primary care doctor can recommend.

If you have questions or concerns then reach out to our office today so that we can help you further. Let our trained professionals walk you through disease prevention tips, give us a call or stop by!

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