MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine

MedOne Urgent Care Provides Doctors and Medical Professionals in St. Augustine, FL.

Licensed Medical Professionals On-Site 7 Days a Week for Extended Hours, No Appointment Necessary. We Accept Insurance and Self-Pay for Those with No Insurance.

Dr Edward Lucas started his medical career by completing an Emergency Medicine residency. He has since written research articles, worked in 5 trauma centers, and other high acuity centers. He has been ED Director/ Assistant director at several Medical Centers in Florida. He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and was previously certified in Pain Management as well. He still practices Emergency Medicine and oversees and supervises MedOne, an urgent care center that also deals with primary care patients.

Mission Statement

MedOne is dedicated to treating all cases of urgent care patients that can include up to 80-85% of all visits normally made to an Emergency Department. We are in fact THE ALTERNATIVE TO THE ED. It is our goal to treat people for conditions that would sometimes warrant an admission to the hospital. We do this through judicious use of antibiotics, and set protocols to treat Asthma, COPD, Dehydration and Weakness, as well as scores of other problems present in the community of St. Augustine.

We have well trained personnel trained with constant consultation with Dr. Lucas who is always available for more complex case management. We will strive through whatever means to make you feel better. If an admission is needed, we will do everything possible to avoid a prolonged visit to the Emergency Department. We have connections with hospitalists at all local facilities to attempt directly admitting you to the hospital and avoid a prolonged stay in the ED.

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