How Long Does IV Therapy Last?

Ever feel like you’re caught in a cycle of fatigue and exhaustion? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes. In today’s modern world, we are bombarded with responsibilities and stimuli—and that doesn’t even include the little things. When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Or make sure to eat all your vegetables? Combine the daily stress and responsibilities of our times with a lack of essential vitamins and minerals—not to mention antioxidants and antibiotics—and you have a recipe for disaster. But there is hope! IV therapy in St. Augustine is an easy and efficient ...
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Urgent Care for Workers’ Compensation Injury Treatment

Injuries on the job happen, despite the best efforts by employers, supervisors, and employees to keep everyone safe. Most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to provide coverage for employees who suffer from work-related injuries and illnesses. The injury does not necessarily have to occur at the workplace. If it’s job-related, it will be covered. An Urgent Care facility is often the best choice for the treatment of non-emergency work-related injuries. They provide expert medical care without the lengthy wait times often found at hospital emergency rooms. Common Work-Related Injuries Most injuries sustained during normal business operations are ...
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What Is In A Hangover IV Drip?

Everyone has experienced a hangover. You overindulge in alcohol, feel awful the next day, and all you want is for the discomfort to go. Well, a new fad that is taking over the country claims to do just that. Intravenous therapy, or IV therapy as it is more commonly known, is a specialist medical procedure for those who need to feel better quickly. An IV drip is an infusion of fluids, vitamins, and medications that are directly administered into the bloodstream through a needle inserted in the arm. It’s frequently used as a rehydration treatment for people who are dehydrated ...
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Can I Visit Urgent Care for an X-Ray?

If you’ve ever wondered if urgent care facilities offer x-rays, the answer is “yes.” In fact, if you have an acute illness or have been injured and suspect you have a fracture, a trip to an urgent care facility is the smart alternative to visiting the emergency room. Urgent care clinics have highly qualified medical personnel, and on-site X-ray services, to quickly diagnose and treat your illness or injury at less cost and without the long wait of hospital emergency rooms visits. MedOne Urgent Care St. Augustine offers convenient x-ray services for both children and adults. Why Are X-rays necessary? ...
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Do IV Infusions Work?

Life often doesn't go as planned. One day you could be living your best life, and the next, you might receive a diagnosis that completely changes everything. You try your best to take care of yourself but dealing with a chronic illness can be incredibly difficult, both physically and emotionally. After months or even years of treatment, you might start to feel like you're not getting any better. You may have even considered giving up hope altogether. But before you do, there's one more treatment option you should know about: IV infusions. IV infusions in St. Augustine and St. Augustine ...
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