Urgent Care for School Sports Injuries 

Participation in youth sports has many benefits. It teaches kids about good physical health, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship. It also boosts confidence and self-esteem. But for all the benefits, there is always the risk of physical injury.  A local urgent center is often the best option for the immediate care of common, non-emergency, sports-related injuries. What are some of the most common school sports injuries? Strains:A muscle strain, or pulled muscle, is an injury to the muscle or tendon, most often in the hamstring, groin and lower back. This often occurs due to repetitive movement and overuse.  Swelling, pain, muscle spasms and muscle ...
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COVID-19 Testing is Still Important in North Florida

Cases of COVID-19 in North Florida continue to rise fueled by the highly contagious Delta variant.  Data issued by the Florida Department of Health on August 13 show an increase in infections and positivity rate for the eighth consecutive week [view data by county here].  Testing for COVID-19 is a crucial step toward stemming the transmission of the virus throughout our community. Why is Testing So Important? Testing for COVID-19 allows those who test positive to quarantine so that they don’t transmit the disease to others.  It also enables contact tracing - identifying people who may have come in contact ...
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10 Signs of Dehydration To Watch Out For

Dehydration occurs when you don’t have enough water in your body to carry out its normal functions.  It can happen any time of the year but is most common during the summer months when people are outside doing activities in the hot sun.  It can be especially dangerous for young children and older adults so it’s important to recognize the symptoms and to know when to seek medical treatment. 10 Symptoms of Dehydration Extreme thirst Urinating less than usual Headache Dark-colored urine Sluggishness and fatigue Bad breath Dry mouth Sugar cravings Dizziness, weakness, light-headedness Confusion If you, or someone else, ...
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Heatstroke vs. Heat Exhaustion What’s the Difference?

With summer temperatures climbing into the 90’s in North Florida, your risk of suffering from heat exhaustion and heatstroke also rises. Both heatstroke and heat exhaustion are serious conditions and it’s important to know the difference between the two and when to seek treatment. Heat Exhaustion Heat exhaustion is a condition caused by exposure to high temperatures for an extended period of time. It’s often accompanied by dehydration. While it’s less serious than heatstroke, it’s important to act quickly when you recognize the symptoms. Heat exhaustion can lead to the more dangerous heatstroke without treatment. Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion Headache ...
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Summer Injuries: When to Seek Treatment

The summer season means an increase in recreational activities for both kids and adults. Unfortunately, this can also mean an increase in sun and sports related injuries including burns, dehydration, sprains and fractures.  It can be confusing deciding which injuries need treatment and where to treat them.  A trip to a St Augustine Urgent Care Center , such as Med One, is often the best answer for the treatment of common summer injuries. Summer Injury 101 Sunburns: We all know the importance of applying and reapplying sunscreen when out in the summer sun. But if you do get burnt, seek ...
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