3 Reasons You Should See an Urgent Care Clinic for UTI

3 Reasons You Should See an Urgent Care Clinic for UTI

For many, visiting urgent care for a UTI, also known as a urinary tract infection, can be stressful and somewhat embarrassing.

However, leaving a UTI untreated can lead to more complications or at least, become incredibly painful to deal with during the duration of the infection.

When to visit urgent care for UTI

Although urinary tract infections can frequently be treated with home care techniques, it is essential to seek medical assistance when the common symptoms begin to worsen or more concerning symptoms start to occur.

The following are the three main signs you should visit urgent care for UTI.

Burning during urination

In many cases, the burning during urination is merely a part of going through the process of a urinary tract infection. With that said, however, it is essential to visit an urgent care clinic if the burning during urination begins to worsen to the point where it is nearly unbearable.

By getting treated for a urinary tract infection, the burning sensation should begin to come down to a more tolerable level until the infection is wholly fought off.

Also, burning during urination can be the sign of something other than a UTI, so be sure not to assume it is a UTI if you have not received an official diagnosis. Instead, seek medical treatment the first time you experience a close to unbearable burning during urination, to ensure that the symptom is not a sign of another underlying condition, such as a sexually transmitted disease.

Discoloration of urine

In most instances, a urinary tract infection does not result in the discoloration of urine. Experiencing a discoloration of urine, meaning the urine is a dark brown, cola colored or cloudy, suggests a more severe case of urinary tract infection or possibly a different underlying cause.

In order to notice a discoloration, it is obviously important to look specifically for it. Be sure to keep track of the color while going through a UTI, and seek assistance from a medical professional if the urine becomes discolored.

Lastly, be sure to visit urgent care for UTI if there is ever an instance where blood is present in urine. Blood in urine is a severe symptom that is not typically related to a urinary tract infection.

Constant urge to urinate

If you are unsure over whether you have a UTI and have not been diagnosed with it in the past, the most telling symptom that you should watch for is a constant urge to urinate, which is the most common symptom associated with a urinary tract infection.

A UTI is an infection that requires medical attention to manage the pain level and receive the proper treatment necessary in order to fight off the infection. Subsequently, it is imperative to visit urgent care for UTI whenever the constant urge to urinate, along with very small urinations, presents itself.

UTIs are easy to treat, but it takes medical assistance in order to do so.

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