4 Ways to Quickly Treat The Flu

Treat the Flu

Suffering from the flu is an awful feeling, and, unfortunately, all too many people don’t understand exactly how to treat the flu properly.

Not only does the flu make you feel awful, but it also makes it difficult to keep the same daily routine, forcing many to miss work and other important events during the duration of their illness.

How to treat the flu

Although suffering from the flu can feel horrible, there are measures you can take to ensure the symptoms are tolerable and the flu doesn’t linger longer than it has to.

The following are the four best ways to treat the flu quickly.

1. Home remedies

During the early stages of the flu, meaning the first two to three days, many of the symptoms can be controlled by simple home remedies, such as sipping on a hot beverage and getting plenty of rest.

While home remedies don’t directly fight the underlying cause of the symptoms, they do help to clear out congestion and keep one’s fever from spiking. For example, drinking plenty of water is a great way to control a fever and taking hot showers, eating soup and sipping on a hot beverage can reduce congestion.

2. Decongestants

One of the most annoying symptoms of the flu is congestion. Although congestion can often be relieved by home remedies, they don’t always work and can tend to return soon after if they do work.

If home remedies don’t relieve the congestion, cough and sore throat symptoms, taking a decongestant medication can be a great way to reduce the symptoms for a more significant portion of the day. Much like home remedies, decongestants only treat the symptoms and don’t address the flu virus itself. Therefore, be sure to seek medical attention if the symptoms don’t go away within a week.

3. Antiviral medication

Quite simply, antiviral medication is prescription drugs that help to fight flu virus in the body. In many instances, simple home remedies and decongestant medication, combined with proper rest, is enough to fight off the flu virus. In more severe situations, however, antiviral medicines may be required to fight off the flu altogether.

To obtain antiviral medication, you must visit a healthcare professional. In less severe situations, scheduling a doctor’s appointment works well, although more severe cases of the flu may require immediate medical assistance from an Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic.

4. Visit an urgent care clinic

Most of the time the body is able to fight off the flu in less than five days with the symptoms staying at a manageable level for the entire duration that the flu lasts. Therefore, any unusual symptoms that present themselves should be addressed as soon as possible.

Any flu that lasts for more than seven days, results in an extremely high temperature (above 103 degrees Fahrenheit), leads to a disoriented state of mind or has symptoms that begin to worsen, need to be treated with a sense of urgency, and typically an urgent care clinic is the best way to treat flu symptoms in a timely manner.

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