5 Pneumonia Symptoms That Should Be Taken Seriously

5 Pneumonia Symptoms That Should Be Taken Seriously

Pneumonia is a painful illness that should be taken seriously.

If you suffer from pneumonia symptoms, it is important to seek immediate care in order to receive an accurate diagnosis and receive the proper treatment, which typically involves antibiotics and rest.

Pneumonia symptoms

Pneumonia typically looks different in every individual who suffers from it, but there are certain symptoms that suggest a more serious case of pneumonia that can become life threatening if left untreated.

If anyone with pneumonia experiences these five symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately.

Severe fever

Although a minor fever is normal for even mild forms of pneumonia, a severe fever — one that is well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit — is cause for major concern. However, this fever may be lower in older patients, as well as lower in all patients if their temperature is taken in the morning. 

Since pneumonia is known to cause unusual spikes to one’s fever, it is important for anyone who suffers from pneumonia to track their temperature during the duration of their illness. A mild fever can be controlled by consistently drinking fluids and giving the body the proper amount of rest, but a more serious fever may require more medical assistance.

Shaking chills

Along with a mild fever, chills are also a common symptom of pneumonia. Remember, pneumonia is typically a painful experience and chills are a part of it.

However, anyone with pneumonia who begins to have what is known as “shaking chills,” which means chills so bad that they cause the individual's body to shake, should visit an urgent care clinic or emergency room as soon as possible in order to get their symptoms under control.

Excessive sweating

Sweating with pneumonia — which is typically accompanied by fever — is not uncommon. With that said, however, sweating to the point where you begin to feel dehydrated and extremely uncomfortable is a troubling sign.

If someone with pneumonia begins to sweat excessively, it is vital to visit an emergency care facility in order to prevent other concerning symptoms from developing or the individual from becoming dehydrated.

Confused mental state

Pneumonia takes a great toll out of a person's body, as well as the mind, especially if they start to become dehydrated.

Not only is it important to keep track of the physical health of someone who has pneumonia, but it is also important for those who have pneumonia themselves to watch their own mental state and look for any signs that may be troubling.

Vomiting and diarrhea

Contrary to popular belief, constant vomiting and diarrhea is not usually a symptom that typically shows up in mild forms of pneumonia. However, it is known to be a constant symptom in individuals who begin to get progressively worse .

If vomiting and diarrhea begins to occur in those who are diagnosed with pneumonia, it is important to visit an urgent care provider in order to find out the root cause of the vomiting and diarrhea.

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