5 Unexpected Urgent Care Services

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Urgent care services helped you out when you broke your finger but did not want the hassle of waiting in line for hours at the hospital emergency room. The quick treatment you received had you wishing that you could go back there whenever some small medical problem came up.

Well, here is some good news for you: Urgent care centers provide a number of services that could come in handy if you ever find yourself in a dire situation.

Here are some urgent care services that can save you a long wait in a hospital queue:

Services from an urgent care

1. Get treatment for the sniffles or the flu at an urgent care facility

Sometimes, no amount of chicken soup and cold drops can get rid of that pesky cough or running nose. Most people have suffered through a cold or flu that just will not go away. A person may feel like they need medical treatment, but the thought of a hospital ER may encourage them to stick to home remedies and self-medication.

Thankfully, urgent care facilities can treat a person’s cold, cough or flu without making them wait in line for hours. If the doctors there find that a patient has a more serious problem, they will refer their patient to an appropriate specialist.

2. Get employer-mandated drug testing

Some companies and organizations require their employees to undergo periodic drug tests. For the worker, the drug test may involve long waits at the hospital. These days, a person can simply use urgent care services for drug tests and save themselves some time and even money.

Because many urgent care facilities operate seven days a week and for long hours, a person can get their drug test outside of working hours. The convenience makes it easier to avoid taking time off work.

3. Urgent care services now include physicals

A person needs to get a full-body physical once a year. In fact, some employers need their employees to go through a physical before joining a company or an organization. Some insurance providers also need the current medical information of the people they cover.

At an urgent care facility, a person can get their physical at their convenience often without having to make an appointment or spend time waiting for a doctor.

4. Get lab tests and X-rays

An important part of diagnosis is testing and imaging, and, whenever possible, many urgent care centers like their patients to get all their medical care under one roof.

That is why urgent care facilities provide laboratory services like blood tests. They also provide imaging services like X-rays.

5. Get pediatric care

Urgent care centers are equipped to treat childhood illnesses and minor injuries. Parents get to access medical care for their children at convenient hours and affordable prices.

There are many reasons to use urgent care services

Urgent care centers meet several types of medical needs. They treat minor illnesses at a fraction of the time and cost of a hospital emergency room. This is good for both you and your community because urgent care centers also clear the emergency room of patients who have minor medical needs. Do not hesitate to contact a center near you for any urgent care services you may need.

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