6 Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care for Primary Care

Have you considered using an urgent care center for primary care?

While the term urgent care seems to go hand in hand with emergency treatment, urgent care clinics are not only for emergencies. The truth is that an urgent care clinic is a place that mainly treats patients who have an injury or illness that requires treatment promptly.

Many people are choosing to use this immediate care option when their primary care physician is not available or when the injury or illness does not quite necessitate a trip to the emergency room.

What does primary care mean?

A primary care physician is a medical doctor who is considered to be the first point of contact when someone has been injured or is experiencing health issues.

Some of the more common primary care services offered include treating a variety of injuries, providing disease prevention information, diagnosing illnesses and disorders and offering counseling services for health maintenance reasons.

Reasons to visit an urgent care clinic for primary care

Here are six benefits of using urgent care instead of seeing your regular doctor.

1. They are open after hours

A primary care physician’s office tends to be open during normal business hours. This means they will open at eight or nine and close at five are six. Some people are at work or school during this time, so seeing a doctor is inconvenient.

2. They save time

Urgent care clinics tend to be less busy than a regular doctor’s office. Patients will be seen quicker. No one enjoys sitting in the waiting room when feeling nauseous or when they have aches and pains.

3. Urgent care can save you money

Receiving urgent care services is often less expensive than an emergency room visit. Depending on your insurance, the copay for a primary care physician can be higher than urgent care.

4. Centers offer high-quality care

Patients who choose to use urgent care services will receive the same quality of care that they would get from a doctor’s office. They uphold all medical standards.

5. There is no need to make an appointment

Clinics operate to treat patients with unexpected illnesses or injuries. This is great when you need a last-minute physical, prescription or doctor’s note. Primary care offices may not have an opening when you call.

6. They are everywhere

In most areas, it easy to find an urgent care center. You cannot visit a new doctor’s office without scheduling an appointment or working out insurance information. However, urgent care clinics can be found in all areas of a city, so you can easily get help fast.

Do you have any questions?

If you are in good health and only need basic medical care, then see an urgent care center. It will be faster and more accessible than a traditional primary care clinic. They can treat the same illnesses and injuries that your doctor treats without the hassle of making an appointment.

Please call us if you have you have any other questions about urgent care treatment

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