Covid 19 Rapid Testing St Augustine

Which Covid-19 Test Should I Get? We all know that testing for COVID-19 saves lives. But figuring out which test to get still causes some confusion. What’s the difference between the COVID-19 PCR test and rapid Antigen test? And which test is better? We’re answering some of the most common questions about Covid-19 testing. What’s The Difference between the PCR Test and the Antigen Test? PCR Test: This test detects genetic material that’s specific to SARS-CoV2. It requires lab analysis and may take a day or two to get results. It’s generally considered the “gold standard” of COVID-19 testing because ...
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Urgent Care and the Flu

When to visit an urgent care center for flu treatment Flus and colds affect us all differently, but if you’re already in good health by the time flu season arrives, you can generally treat your cold symptoms with plenty of rest and over-the-counter medications. However, unlike a common cold, the flu lasts longer and can lead to more serious health problems if left untreated. You may start to feel feverish at first, then quite fatigued, finding it hard to go about your day. If things get slightly worse and you generally feel that sleeping it off simply won’t give you ...
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6 Things to Expect During a DOT Physical

Wanting a little more information on why a DOT physical is necessary if you are interested in operating a commercial motor vehicle? A physical is necessary because the results will determine whether or not you are healthy enough to operate a large vehicle. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with driving a large vehicle, and that is why the Department of Transportation requires anyone who wants a commercial driver’s license to first undergo a physical. The results from your physical will determine whether or not you meet the physical requirements. Your DOT physical There are certain procedures that ...
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CoVID-19: What You Should Know

We are in a new age, with a new normal, with a novel virus we all know as CoVID-19. The corona virus we are familiar with is a Coronavirus that shares its existence with another virus known as SARS. The reason we either don’t know or care about SARS is because SARS, while it was more lethal than CoVID-19, was eradicated soon after erupting into existence. That was accomplished due to the fact that this virus was only infectious when patients were symptomatic. At the time, quarantine was the only treatment needed to contain that particular virus. If you had ...
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An Urgent Care Explains Why You Need to Wash Your Hands

Urgent care centers not only treat those who are currently in need of professional medical services, but they also educate people on how they can avoid needing to go to the center in the first place. Education goes a long way when it comes to understanding how to avoid getting injured or sick. One of the ways anyone can avoid getting sick is by washing their hands often. There are guidelines in place for washing hands, which helps to ensure that all of the germs are completely removed so that they will not spread anywhere else. What to know about ...
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