Urgent Care 101: What’s the Difference Between a Viral and Bacterial Infection?

Urgent care facilities often treat patients with common viral and bacterial infections. Because of our wealth of experience with illnesses caused by infection, our urgent care in Ocala gives fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment. Viral and bacterial infections have been around for as long as life has existed. They can take the form of irritations, like the common cold or a nasty stomach bug. On the other end of the spectrum, pandemics like cholera, the black plague and the Spanish flu have made their marks on our history and even our art. Which is why it is only fitting that ...
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7 Important Primary Care Medical Services

A primary care doctor is someone who has received the necessary training that allows them to be the first point of contact when someone needs to see a healthcare professional. They are a health care professional who will make it a point to get to know you are a person, which helps them to assist you in your healthcare needs better. You should feel extremely comfortable discussing anything with your primary care doctor as your good health depends on it. When you choose to use the services of a primary doctor, you are doing your part when it comes to ...
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5 Tips From a Walk-In Clinic to Help Avoid the Flu

Walk-in clinics across the nation are flooded with cases of the flu every year. A highly contagious virus that causes aches, pains and a high fever, influenza affects anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of the U.S. population. That is about 31 million outpatient visits to walk-in clinics each year. Now, imagine if just a small percentage of those flu cases took steps to prevent the flu before it has the chance to affect them. That would free up walk-in clinics of millions of appointments per year and would result in a much healthier population. Five steps to avoid the ...
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A Primary Care Doctor’s Office Shares Important Disease Prevention Tips

Diseases appear left and right within the body, sometimes it’s due to genetics and other times it’s due to poor overall health. Thankfully, most people have primary care doctors that they visit on a regular basis who can help them with prevention care. However, some people aren’t able to regularly see their primary care doctor as often as they need to. So, with the help of this article, a person should be able to pick up a few tips on disease prevention. Read more below as we outline a few important tips for preventing diseases that a primary care doctor’s ...
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What Kinds of Services Are Provided at Urgent Care?

Looking for more information on urgent care services? It is always a good idea to have a backup plan if you ever happen to be in need of medical services and your primary care provider is not available. No one knows when an urgent medical situation is going to happen. The hours available to visit a primary care provider are limited, which means when an urgent care situation happens outside of one’s primary care provider's hours, they must seek other medical treatment options. While many people choose to visit their local emergency room, there are better options available. Why visit ...
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