Reasons to Go to an Urgent Care for a DOT Physical

Urgent CareIf you are an employee of a company that requires you to drive a company vehicle as part of the job requirement, you would probably already know what a DOT physical examination is. DOT stands for Department of Transportation, and the assessment is demanded by every commercial vehicle operator. The driver must always be in possession of proof (DOT medical certificate) of having undergone the physical in accordance with federal regulations.

DOT physical is required for employees designated as “safety sensitive” by the Department of Transportation, which means their job can affect their safety and public safety. They are required to have a regular physical examination to remain compliant and continue work. The DOT physical is strictly regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to make sure that commercial drivers and other safety-sensitive workers are in a good state to work.

How the DOT physical procedure goes

If you belong to the category of workers described above, then you should visit an urgent care center to complete your DOT physical. When you get to the office, you will need to complete paperwork, similar to what happens in a doctor’s office. This means presenting your driver's license and providing information such as your name, birthday, phone number, address and social security number.

You will then need to fill a checklist informing the examiner (doctor) about any pre-existing medical conditions. This part of the paperwork is to get extra information on the possible threats you pose to yourself and others if you work as a commercial driver in a professional role.

The examiner will check for any history of heart attacks, seizures, vision and hearing issues, psychiatric problems, unconsciousness, neurological disorders, paralysis or stroke, among other conditions. Although these conditions may cause you to fail the DOT physicals, you are still obligated to disclose them.

You need to know that simply disclosing these conditions does not mean automatic disqualification, especially with people who can fix vision problems with prescription glasses or contacts.

A regular DOT physical examination involves:

  • Vision and hearing
  • Heart rate and blood pressure
  • Abdominal and neurological anomalies
  • Breathing
  • Posture
  • Urinalysis
  • Respiratory system
  • Potential hernias

Why you should visit an urgent care

DOT physicals are common and should take little time. However, creating time out of your busy schedule or even trying to book a prior appointment for the DOT physical may be difficult. Urgent care centers offer walk-in DOT physical exams and are always open throughout the week.

Urgent care centers make it easier to finish the process at a convenient time without having to book an appointment. The aim is to ensure that you can get back to your job as fast as possible. You will not have to deal with the long waiting time, and you will have access to priority treatment.

In conclusion

If you are trying to get a job or already on a job that requires driving a company’s vehicle, then you should visit the nearest urgent care center. If you have questions, they will be glad to attend to your concerns.

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