Visit an Urgent Care if You Have These Signs of a Sinus Infection

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Urgent care centers are great facilities to go to for a number of health-related problems. However, it can be difficult to know exactly when to go to urgent care. While most urgent cares treat all kinds of problems, one thing that a lot of people go for is a sinus infection. 

Sinus infections are irritating and sometimes even painful. But, with the help of urgent care, you are likely going to get the help that you need. Sinus infections are not necessarily emergent but they can be consuming. With that being said, it can be helpful to know when you should go to urgent care if you suspect a sinus infection.

Keep reading as we go over a few signs to indicate that you should visit urgent care.

Signs that you have a sinus infection

Extended sore throat

A lot of people do not realize that their sinus infections can end up in their throat. Because the nose and throat are connected to each other, a lot of people end up experiencing troubles with their throats as well. And, an extended sore throat that lasts more than a couple of days may indicate a need to visit a professional at an urgent care center.

Sore throats can turn into bigger problems, so it is best to have your sinus infection evaluated at urgent care.

Over-the-counter medications are not working

Another sign that indicates that you should visit an urgent care center for your sinus infection is if over-the-counter medications are not working. Sinus infections usually go away on their own. But, if the medications that you are taking are not helping, then it may indicate a serious infection.

An urgent care center can provide you with antibiotics that can kill the infection so you can get better.

Colored mucus

Sinus infections usually take over the color of your mucus which is typically a red flag that there is something wrong. Mucus from your nose should never be a green, brown or yellow color. But if it is, then it may be best to get to an urgent care center so that they can treat you.

Mucus is naturally clear or very light in color, and it should never resemble green, brown or yellow.

Chest pain

One of the biggest signs that you should look out for when experiencing a sinus infection is chest pain. Chest pain can indicate bronchitis or that the infection has traveled to your lungs which can be very dangerous to the rest of the body. It is best to get to urgent care as soon as signs of chest pain occur.


Sinus infections do not usually spike a fever but it can happen. If a fever does occur, then it is important to see an urgent care specialist right away. Fevers can indicate that the sinus infection has gotten worse which could be harmful later on.

Visit our urgent care today!

If you have any of these signs or other severe symptoms, then visit our urgent care center today. We will happily help you in the process of diagnosis and treatment. Call us today for more information or simply walk in when necessary.

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