What Are the Most Common Auto Accident Injuries?

What Are the Most Common Auto Accident Injuries?

While some auto accident injuries may be fairly obvious, many initially go undetected, as the individual who suffered the injury likely has increased levels of adrenaline, keeping them from feeling pain in the affected area.

Most common auto accident injuries

By having an understanding of the most common auto accident injuries, it makes it easier to determine the severity of the situation and decipher whether immediate medical assistance is needed.

The following are common auto accident injuries:

Cuts and bruises

Very few individuals escape an auto accident without at least a couple scrapes and bruises.

While minor cuts and bruises are not cause for serious concern, it is encouraged to seek urgent care for cuts, as an infection can develop if left untreated. It is also helpful to seek urgent care following an auto accident injury that results in bruises, in order to keep the swelling down and ensure there are not any deeper injuries.

With prompt care, however, an auto accident injury that results in a couple scrapes, cuts and bruises can be easily treated in a short time.

Bone fractures

If the auto accident leads to your head or body slamming against the inside of the car, then it is possible to sustain a bone fracture, or a broken bone.

Minor bone fractures caused by an auto accident injury can be treated at urgent care, although more serious bone fractures — such as a comminuted fracture — may require a trip to the emergency room, as prompt surgery may be needed.

Additionally, it is not uncommon to suffer a sprain or a strain, depending on how the body turned during the auto accident. Sprains and strains require treatment but are not typically serious.

Chest injuries

Chest injuries from an auto accident injury can be especially troubling, and the person who sustained the injury may not notice the injury at first.

Chest injuries most often result from landing on the steering wheel, being hit by the airbag or getting jerked by the seat belt. Most chest injuries only lead to bruising, but some can be far more serious, such as broken ribs or internal injuries.

Due to the seriousness of a chest injury, it is important to seek urgent care any time the chest is impacted during an auto accident.

Head injuries

Perhaps the most concerning injury — and the most difficult to diagnose initially — after an auto accident is a blow to the head.

The most common form of head injury due to an auto accident is a concussion, which can lead to long-term complications if left untreated.

It is extremely important to seek urgent care as soon as possible after an auto accident that leads to a blow to the head, as the signs and symptoms can often be hard to notice initially.

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