When Should I Visit Urgent Care for a Yeast Infection?

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When it comes to answering the question of if a patient can visit an urgent care facility to treat a yeast infection, in short, the answer is, “Yes!” Most urgent care facilities are more than equipped to help in officially diagnosing and treating a yeast infection. Of course, most people may want to visit their typical doctor, and that is entirely normal. However, sometimes there are time constraints, and an open appointment with the doctor may be a few days or a week out, in this case, an urgent care facility can be a great second option. Since yeast infections are a commonly treated issue at urgent care facilities, it can get the patient relief much faster than waiting for an appointment with their normal doctor.

What exactly is a yeast infection?

Most people have heard of the use of yeast in baking. However, sometimes there are questions about what a yeast "infection" is and how it happens. Different from the yeast in baking, there is another type of yeast that is in every vagina, and it is called Candida albicans. If this yeast begins to grow too quickly, it can cause a yeast infection. When this bacteria starts growing at a rapid pace in the body, yeast infections occur.

Typical signs of a yeast infection

Some of the most common issues that a patient may begin experiencing are itching and soreness that continues and does not get better. There can also be pain and burning that occurs during urination, and it can be quiet painful. Pain and burning during sexual intercourse is another common symptom that happens.

What can cause a yeast infection?

One thing to keep in mind is that a yeast infection can pop up for many different reasons, and pinpointing the reason may not be easy. However, here are the most common causes.

Although there are many causes, it typically comes down to improper vaginal hygiene as the main culprit of why the yeast infection occurs. By keeping the vagina clean, the likelihood of a yeast infection happening is significantly lowered. Another thing to remember is that some women are more prone to having yeast infections than others. These patients will need to focus on good vaginal hygiene to help prevent more yeast infections from happening.

A leading cause of yeast infections is leaving a tampon in for too long. Another is if the patient has been taking antibiotics for an extended period of time. This can also be a factor in getting a yeast infection.

Visiting an urgent care for a yeast infection

For a patient who cannot be seen by their general doctor or OB/GYN in a relatively short timeframe, visiting an urgent care can be one of the best things that they can do. The facilities are well equipped to handle a yeast infection and can get the patient on their way to being pain and infection free. If you have any additional questions about treating a yeast infection at an urgent care, give us a call! We are always here to help.

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