When to Seek Urgent Care for an Auto Accident

When to Seek Urgent Care for an Auto Accident

It can be difficult to know when to seek auto accident urgent care, as there tends to be a lot of adrenaline flowing in our bodies following an auto accident. As such, you may not be able to feel pain in areas that are actually injured.

Auto accident urgent care

Due to not being able to understand the full extent of your injury, it is important to seek auto accident urgent care any time there is a concern about an injury.

Cuts and bruises

Most auto accidents involve some sort of cut or bruise, or at least a minor scrape, somewhere on the body.

In these moments, it is important to not rely solely on the pain level to gauge how serious the cut or bruise is, as adrenaline may make the injury less painful. Instead, take extra caution and seek auto accident urgent care for any cut, as it can lead to an infection if not dealt with promptly.

Also, bruises should be treated at urgent care to manage the pain and swelling and ensure there are not any deeper injuries.

Minor fractures, sprains and strains

In most accidents, your body tends to be thrown around, presenting a risk of suffering a minor fracture, sprain or a strain.

A minor fracture — which occurs when the bone partially breaks — can be treated at urgent care, and it is important that medical attention is given to determine the severity of the fracture and provide the best treatment methods available.

Sprains and strains typically are not serious but often require auto accident urgent care, as they can lead to weakness, swelling and mild to moderate pain levels in the affected area.

Head and chest injuries

Perhaps the most serious form of auto accident injury that can still be treated at an urgent care center are head and chest injuries.

Chest injuries often result from a blow to the chest, usually from a steering wheel or air bag, and they need urgent care, as the extent of the injury may be hard to determine initially. For serious chest injuries, broken ribs or a deep bruise may have been sustained and need proper treatment immediately.

Head injuries may be the most concerning, and it is crucial to seek auto accident urgent care if a blow to the head occurs during an accident.

When to go to the ER

If an auto accident injury is sustained that is considered life threatening, such as excessive bleeding, falling in and out of consciousness or a crushing blow to the chest region, call 911 immediately to ensure the fastest treatment possible is administered.

Also, a comminuted fracture — which is when the bone is sticking out of the skin or severely deformed — is best treated at an emergency room, rather than auto accident urgent care.

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