Which Adult Immunizations are Needed?

Adult immunizations St. Augustine , FL

Most people think that once they are adults that they no longer need immunizations but this is in fact not the case. Adult immunizations are just as important as they are for children but most people forget about them once they become adults. Being aware of what immunizations one should get as an adult is important and can be beneficial for one’s health in the long run.

While there are so many reasons to get immunizations, each person may believe something different. However, doctors often advise that a person stays up to date in order to stay as healthy as possible. Today, we will go over which ones adult should stay up to date on.

Which adult immunizations are needed?


Although there are controversial opinions on the influenza vaccination, it has still been said that it is important to get every year. Influenza is also known as the flu and doctors often recommend that people receive this vaccination in order to prevent or fight off the flu that tends to affect people each year. While the vaccine doesn’t guarantee that the flu won’t affect someone, it does make a person’s chances a lot higher than if they don’t receive it.

Tetanus or Tdap vaccine

One of the most common vaccinations that have been around for centuries is tetanus or Tdap vaccination which prevents and fights against tetanus. This immunization has been a necessity for people to get for so many years. These vaccines are typically necessary every ten years as an adult and they do also protect against other illnesses such as whooping cough.


The human papillomavirus has been rising in concern among the medical industry for a while now and the need for adults to have this vaccine is extremely high. This vaccine does not receive as much controversy as others do and almost every doctor recommends that this vaccine is done in order to protect against the deadly virus.

Measles and mumps

Just like the tetanus shot, the measles and mumps vaccinations are also just as necessary. They too have been around for many years and doctors have continued to recommend that they are done. Adults are advised to get this immunization done in order to fight off and avoid measles and mumps. While the immunization doesn’t completely protect against it, it comes extremely close.


Adult immunizations are just as important as they are for children and babies. The need for vaccinations at an older age is still necessary to maintain good health. While a lot of people may not believe in them, it is still advised among medical professionals to have them done regularly.

If you have more questions about immunizations as an adult then let us know today. We are happy to help in any way that we can. Our trained office staff can guide you through what is necessary to receive as an adult, call us today!

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