How to Have Yourself a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season

For many of us, 2021 will be the first time we’re celebrating the holidays with family and friends since the onset of the pandemic. That makes this season extra merry and bright. To keep your holidays full of good cheer, make sure you follow some basic safety precautions to keep yourself and your family safe from holiday injury and accidents.


Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts are common causes for urgent care visits during the holidays, whether from kitchen mishaps or injuries sustained while opening packaging. Try to follow these safety precautions to avoid getting hurt.


  • Keep scissors and tape dispensers out of reach of small children
  • Avoid using sharp objects such as razor blades or pocketknives to open packaging
  • Practice proper knife safety in the kitchen; make sure knives are sharpened and always cut away from yourself
  • Keep breakable ornaments on high branches away from small children and pets


If you do sustain a serious cut or laceration, clean and bandage the wound and visit your local urgent care center if the wound is deep and won’t stop bleeding. The experienced staff at MedOne St. Augustine are equipped to perform complex laceration repairs.



According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there’s an average of 160 decorating-related injures each day during the holiday season, with almost half of them involving falls. Stay safe when holiday decorating by following these tips:


  • Use the buddy system when using a ladder; have someone hold it steady at the bottom
  • Check that your ladder is secure and resting on a flat surface
  • Make sure your ladder is tall enough to do the job; never stand on the top two rungs of a ladder
  • Don’t lean away from the ladder to hang something or make an adjustment; move the ladder to the area where you need to work
  • Never use the ladder in rain or snow


It’s important to always have someone nearby in case you do slip and fall. If an accident does occur, it’s a good idea to visit your local urgent care center to have your injuries assessed and treated. If someone is unconscious, can’t move or appears to be in shock, call 911 immediately.


Fires and Burns

Twinkling lights and candles create a beautiful atmosphere and magical effect during the holidays. But lax safety precautions can have devasting consequences. The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than one-third of home decoration fires are started by candles. Follow these guidelines to prevent a fire:


  • Place Christmas trees at least three feet away from heat sources and open flames
  • Make sure artificial trees and lighted decorations are flame retardant
  • Do not leave candles unattended. Flameless candles are a great alternative, especially in homes with small children or pets.
  • Make sure you purchase a live tree that is fresh, and keep it watered
  • Replace any string lights with electrical cords that are frayed or have broken sockets
  • Do not string more than three strands of lights together
  • Do not overload electrical outlets because they could overheat and spark a fire
  • Unplug holiday lights before you leave the house or go to bed for the night
  • Make sure you have working smoke detectors in your home



The most wonderful time of year can also be stressful. And stress and lack of sleep can make us more susceptible to getting sick. Keep yourself and loved ones safe and healthy this holiday season with the following recommendations:


  • Get your flu and COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Keep your immune system strong with nutritious foods, regular exercise, and enough sleep
  • Wear a mask and wash hands often when traveling or in crowded spaces
  • Get a COVID-19 test if you are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the disease.


The staff of MedOne St. Augustine wishes you a healthy holiday season. But if an accident does occur, we are here to provide expert care for wide range of injuries and general illnesses. We are open 9 AM – 6 PM weekdays and 9 AM – 5 PM on weekends. No appointment is necessary.

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