Welcome to MedOne Urgent Care

Welcome to MedOne Urgent Care

We are committed to providing quality service to residents located In the Ocala, FL area. Our website has additional information about the following topics: Urgent Care, Primary Care, Walk-In Clinic, Quick Care, Clinic, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Room, Doctor, Family Doctor and Workman’s Comp Exams.

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Things To Expect During A DOT Physical

6 Things To Expect During A DOT Physical

Wanting a little more information on why a DOT physical is necessary if you are interested in operating a commercial motor vehicle? A physical is necessary because the results will determine whether or not you are healthy enough to operate a large vehicle. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with driving a large…

CoVID   :  What You Should Know

CoVID-19: What You Should Know

We are in a new age, with a new normal, with a novel virus we all know as CoVID-19. The corona virus we are familiar with is a Coronavirus that shares its existence with another virus known as SARS. The reason we either don’t know or care about SARS is because SARS, while it was…

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